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GloFish® fluorescent fish are beautiful and unique fish that were originally bred to help detect environmental pollutants. It was only recently that scientists realized the public’s interest in sharing the benefits of this research. They are safe for the environment and make wonderful pets for new hobbyists and experienced enthusiasts alike. To help address some common curiosities about GloFish® fluorescent fish, please visit our GloFish® FAQ page. For more in depth scientific information, please use the links below to find information on the following topics:

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For science related FAQs, please visit the GloFish® Science section of our GloFish® FAQ page.

Fluorescent Fish in Nature

Abstract: The Covert World of Fish Biofluorescence: A Phylogenetically Widespread and Phenotypically Variable Phenomenon

Article: – Fish flaunt neon glow: Scientists find extensive evidence of biofluorescence in marine species

Article: Popular Science – Fish Fluorescence Widespread: 180 Species Found To Glow 

GloFish® Fluorescent Fish Data & Research

Discovery Genomics Research Regarding Fluorescent Zebra Fish Temperature Sensitivity (pdf)

Abstract: National University of Singapore Fluorescent Zebra Fish Viability Study

Abstract: Behavioral Study Comparing Non-Fluorescent and Fluorescent Zebra Fish

Federal & State Agency Reviews

United States Food & Drug Administration Statement Regarding GloFish® Fluorescent Fish

State of Florida Division of Aquaculture Analysis of Fluorescent Zebrafish (pdf)

State of California Department of Fish & Game Analysis of Fluorescent Zebra Fish (pdf)

Reviews by Independent Experts

Environmental Risk Analysis by Dr. Zhiyuan Gong (pdf)

Environmental Risk Analysis by Dr. Perry Hackett (pdf)

Environmental Risk Analysis by Dr. Eric Hallerman (pdf)

Environmental Risk Analysis by Dr. William Muir (pdf)

Fluorescent Protein Toxicity Analysis by Dr. Andrew Cubitt (pdf)

General Zebra Fish Background Data

United States Geological Survey Zebra Fish Fact Sheet

FishBase Zebra Fish Species Information

History of Zebra Danio Distribution within the United States (pdf)

Fluorescent Fish as Pollution Monitors

“Zebra Fish as Pollution Indicators,” in China

Fluorescent Fish in Biomedical Research

Website: Fish For Science – Zebra Fish as a Model Organism

Fluorescent Zebra Fish in Emory University Cancer Research Study

Article: “Following the Glow: NC State Researchers Use Fluorescent Fish to Study Gene Function,” North Carolina State University

Article: “What can fluorescent fish teach us about skin cancer?” Cancer Research UK

Article: “Learning the Scientific Method Using GloFish”