Brian Crockett

In Memory of Brian Crockett

1983 – 2009

Brian in Kenya, 1999

Brian in Kenya, 1999

Brian Crockett was an early investor in GloFish, and brother to Richard Crockett, the company’s president and co-founder.  Brian’s love for Africa began on a mission trip to Kenya and Uganda as a teen, where he was deeply moved by the great need he saw there.

During his lifetime, Brian continued his interest in Africa and was inspired by the idea of supporting charitable work through business.  Before he could realize this vision however, ten years after his initial trip to Africa, Brian died in a car accident.

His family and friends at GloFish are thankful for the opportunity, on the fifth anniversary of Brian’s passing, to be able to dedicate the water well rehabilitation project in Maruku, Kenya to Brian’s memory.

We hope that this project, and the thousands of people it will help in Kenya, serves to advance the goals that Brian so strongly supported.