Do’s and Don’t’s

Be sure to learn this important information to help you prepare for the responsibility of owning a GloFish® fluorescent fish.

GloFish Do’s

  • Feed your fish every day. Fish need to eat just like you, but not as often. Just once or twice a day is ideal. Please see our GloFish Care page for more information.
  • Check the temperature. Baths can be fun when the water temperature is right and there’s enough water. It is the same for fish; they need enough water to live and it has to be the right temperature (about 720– 800).
  • Clean up their home. The aquarium is the fish’s home so it is important to keep it clean by partially changing the water twice a month.
  • Change the filter cartridge. A clean environment is a healthy environment. Be sure to replace the filter cartridge at least once a month.
  • Experience the Glo!® Each GloFish is unique with its own personality. They are beautiful and amazing to watch, especially under a blue light in a dark room!

GloFish Don’t’s

  • Don’t forget to take care of your GloFish. They depend on you for food and care.
  • Don’t overfeed your GloFish. Uneaten food will pollute their aquarium and can make them sick.
  • Don’t forget to do regular water changes. This will help keep them healthy and happy.
  • Don’t forget to share. Your friends and family will love sharing in your experience, especially watching GloFish under a blue light in a dark room.

We encourage you to select the largest GloFish Aquarium Kit possible; the bigger the aquarium, the easier it is to keep your GloFish fluorescent fish happy and healthy.