Set Up

Your GloFish kit will include :

  • The Aquarium
  • Blue LED Lighting
  • Whisper® Power Filtration
  • Heater (only with some 10 gallon kits)

We also suggest :

  • A Heater – If your kit does not include a heater, this helps keep the water at the right temperature for your fish. This is particularly important if the ambient temperature around your aquarium falls below 72 degrees.
  • Gravel – One pound per gallon of aquarium size (for example, with a five-gallon aquarium, you will need five pounds of gravel).
  • Plants – These help your fish feel safe and secure when you introduce them to their new home.
  • Thermometer – This helps you monitor the water temperature.
  • Decorations – Customize your GloFish aquarium with your favorite decorations and colors. Make it a beautiful and fun home for your fish!

1. Set your GloFish Aquarium up the “Right Way”

  • Be sure to carefully follow all the instructions provided with your GloFish® Aquarium Kit.
  • Register for TetraCare® to help make your whole experience fun and easy. For more information, watch the helpful video below from Tetra.

2. Select your favorite GloFish

  • Explore all of the brilliant colors and species of GloFish fluorescent fish by visiting the GloFish Gallery page.
  • Select your favorite fish using our GloFish Virtual Aquarium.
  • Don’t forget to name your fish.

3. Providing care and comfort for your GloFish

Your fish need attention. Learn how to best care for all their needs. Here are some helpful links to help you learn what you’ll need to know: