Are GloFish® Bettas different than typical bettas? GloFish Bettas offer a unique opportunity to the world of betta fish. While nearly identical in behavior to traditional domesticated bettas, GloFish Bettas produce a fluorescent protein that allows them to fluoresce under blue LED lights.

Where can you buy GloFish® Bettas? GloFish Bettas will be available at Petco, PetSmart, pet stores and other local independent pet retailers.

Are GloFish® Bettas injected, dyed or individually altered? No. GloFish Bettas are traditionally bred; their unique and harmless color is a hereditary trait that is passed from generation to generation.

Are 1.5- and 3-gallon aquariums large enough for bettas? Yes. For one betta, either the 1.5-gallon or 3-gallon aquarium is a perfect home. For a sorority of GloFish Female Bettas and/or a few community fish, a 5-gallon aquarium is recommended.  

How often should you clean your bettas’ tank? Along with proper feeding, partial water changes are the most important way to ensure that your fish are robust and healthy. For new aquariums, or for an aquarium to which you are adding a substantial number of new fish, we recommend making partial water changes after two weeks and again after four weeks, then once a month thereafter.

Why is my Electric Green® GloFish® Betta changing to a red color?

Some Electric Green GloFish Bettas have red pigmentation at birth. As these bettas mature, their fins and bodies may turn red. This is seen in only 2-4% of the GloFish Betta population. GloFish Bettas that do not have red pigmentation will not turn red.  Because the red color change is a natural metamorphosis, it does not impact the health of the fish.  Many consumers have found this to be a unique and desirable trait.