GloFish® Ethical Principles


The providers of GloFish® fluorescent fish realize that the enormous potential of genetic technology carries with it an important responsibility. To help ensure that we use this technology appropriately, we dedicate ourselves to the following guiding ethical principles:

Environmental Safety First. We believe it is of paramount importance that all the fluorescent fish we offer for sale are safe for the environment. To ensure that we are successful, stringent testing will be performed before any fish is made available to the public, with specific emphasis placed on analyzing growth rates, temperature sensitivities, and mating success. Any line of fluorescent fish demonstrating increased strengths or successes in these areas relative to non-fluorescent fish of the same species, or otherwise displaying any characteristic that poses an environment concern, will not be offered for sale.

Regulatory Engagement. We will actively engage with any regulatory agencies that have regulations that cover our fish, or are otherwise interested in reviewing the ecological safety of our fish. At present, within the United States, this includes the Food & Drug Administration, which has jurisdiction over biotech animals as set forth here, as they consider the added gene to be an “animal drug”. It also includes the State of Florida’s Division of Aquaculture, within the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service.

Humane Treatment of Fish. We are committed to humane breeding practices, and the distributors of GloFish® fluorescent fish will make every effort to provide an exemplary, healthy environment for our fish throughout their life cycle. We encourage our customers to remember that, while unique, beautiful, and interesting, these fish are living creatures and not toys, and should be treated with the utmost care. For more information about the proper care for these fish, please visit the GloFish Care page.

Advancing Scientific Research. We value the potential of the technology that brought us fluorescent fish, and we will work to support additional medical and scientific applications that utilize this technology. GloFish® fluorescent fish were originally developed to detect pollutants in our water, one of many discoveries with roots in the ongoing biotechnology revolution. This revolution promises to aid in the fight against countless diseases and significantly improve peoples’ lives and environments. We will work to promote and support this research; a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every GloFish® fluorescent fish will go towards this effort.

Open & Informed Discussion: We recognize that new opportunities available through increased scientific understanding must be weighed against potential risks. We will regularly consult with leading experts through our Scientific Advisory Board and with appropriate state and federal agencies to ensure ecological safety. We encourage an engaged and informed public discussion surrounding these issues, and provide information about our fish to enlighten that debate. To become a part of this dialog, we invite you to visit the FAQ section of our website and send us your comments or questions anytime.