GloFish Aquarium Kit - 7 Gallon

The GloFish® 7-Gallon Aquarium Kit includes a 7-gallon glass aquarium, plastic hood with feeding access, blue and white LED lighting system, Tetra® Internal Filtration System with medium Tetra® Whisper® Bio-Bag® Filter Cartridge, digital thermometer, GloFish® Special Flake food sample, Tetra® AquaSafe® water conditioner sample and setup guide. Watch as your aquarium is transformed into an underwater wonderland filled with pops of brilliant color. See your fish and décor fluoresce in brilliance under the LED lighting. This 7-gallon environment is a perfect size for 1 male betta; 1 female betta and 6 danios; or 1 female betta and 5 tetras. Complete your aquarium with GloFish® plants and décor to create an eye-catching space that reflects your personality in true color.

Each Kit includes:

  • 7 Gallon Glass Aquarium
  • Aquarium Hood
  • LED Light
  • Tetra® Micro Filter
  • Medium Tetra® Whisper® Bio-Bag® Filter Cartridge
  • Power Adapter
  • Digital Thermometer
  • GloFish® Special Flake Food Sample
  • Tetra® AquaSafe® Sample
  • Setup and Maintenance Guide