Aquarium Sand 5 lb White with Highlights

GloFish® Aquarium Sand sets the stage for a unique aquatic experience. This white sand with fluorescent highlights not only provides a base for all your GloFish ornaments and plants, but it also looks magical under your GloFish aquarium’s blue LED lights. Use 1.5-2 pounds of sand per gallon of water. Rinse sand before using. To clean your sand bed with a gravel vacuum, care must be taken to avoid removing the sand by limiting the flow rate through the siphon tube. 

For the best GloFish viewing experience, try using a blue wavelength light, like GloFish LED lighting, to give a uniquely fluorescent look, particularly in low or nighttime lighting. Traditional white aquarium lights work well for daytime use. Your friends and family will love watching your GloFish aquarium come alive under GloFish lighting.  

Born Brilliant™, GloFish® fluorescent fish are born with their brilliant colors. They get their natural, vibrant hues from their parents and are not injected, painted or dyed. Enhanced by a full range of aquarium kits, lighting, décor and accessories, GloFish products create a complete underwater fluorescent experience that appeals to all ages and levels of expertise. Transform any aquarium into a GloFish environment at the click of a switch. 

  • AQUARIUM SAND: GloFish Aquarium Sand creates a colorful base for all your GloFish ornaments. 
  • FUN COLOR: The white sand with fluorescent highlights complements your aquarium décor!  
  • BASK IN THE GLOW: Fluorescent-accented sand stands out under GloFish blue LED lights. 
  • HIGHLIGHTS YOUR TANK: Use as a substrate or accent, along with GloFish plants and ornaments (sold separately). 
  • EXPERIENCE THE GLO®: GloFish fluorescent fish and products create a complete underwater fluorescent experience.