Castle Large

GloFish® decorative ornaments are the perfect way to quickly convert any aquarium into an exquisite GloFish environment. The ornaments are designed to create an underwater paradise for your fluorescent fish and stand out beautifully under blue LED lights. Your friends and family will love watching your GloFish ornaments come alive under GloFish lighting.

This GloFish® Castle Ornament (large) creates a unique aquatic experience for your fish. The fun, brightly colored ornament provides an excellent hideaway for fish, which helps to reduce stress. Various swim holes create a picture-perfect playground for fish to frolic. The GloFish Castle Ornament features a silvery finish that looks magical under your aquarium’s GloFish LED lights. Also available in small size.

GloFish® fluorescent fish are born brilliant! They get their natural, vibrant color from their parents and are not injected, painted or dyed. Enhanced by a full range of aquarium kits, lighting, décor and accessories, GloFish products create a complete underwater fluorescent experience that appeals to all ages and levels of expertise.

  • IMAGINATIVE DESIGN: Provides the perfect underwater play area with multiple holes for fish to swim through.
  • SAFE HIDEOUT: Offers a secure hideaway in your aquarium that helps reduce stress to your fish.
  • BASK IN THE GLOW: Silvery finish produces a dazzling glow under GloFish® LED lights.
  • SIZE: Large castle ornament – also available in small size.
  • EXPERIENCE THE GLO®: GloFish fluorescent fish and products create a complete underwater fluorescent experience.