Gravel Accents

GloFish® Aquarium Gravel Accents are the perfect way to quickly convert any aquarium into an exquisite GloFish environment. The multicolored rainbow gems stand out beautifully under blue LED lights and help you set the stage for a unique aquatic experience. When combined with GloFish Aquarium Gravel, the large gems provide extra texture and color to the aquarium floor, creating an added attraction for curious fish. Your friends and family will love watching your GloFish aquarium come alive under GloFish lighting.

  • GloFish Aquarium Gravel Accents add texture and color to highlight your GloFish aquarium.
  • Multicolored gems look like glittering jewels under water.
  • Gravel accents complement GloFish Aquarium Gravel (sold separately).
  • Also coordinates with GloFish plants and ornaments (sold separately).
  • GloFish fluorescent fish and products create a complete underwater fluorescent experience.