Improving Access To Clean Water With Well Aware

There are nearly 750 million people worldwide without access to clean water.

GloFish® brand recognizes that it’s too easy to take our abundance of fresh, clean water for granted. That’s why we’re committed to our ongoing partnership with Well Aware, a global clean-water initiative that improves lives by funding and building life-saving water systems and raising awareness of the need for help.

Austin, Texas-based Well Aware provides innovative and sustainable solutions to water scarcity and contamination, primarily by creating water systems that drive economic development and build self-sufficient communities. Since 2010, Well Aware has provided life-changing clean water to more than 200,000 communities.

GloFish® brand has been a longtime supporter of Well Aware and improving access to clean water with the GloFish Clean Water Initiative, which has saved thousands of lives and has committed to continue plans to bring clean water to an additional 100,000 people in Africa by 2023. Here a few of the projects we’ve been proud to be part of so far:

Maruku, Kenya
Our first collaboration with Well Aware was in 2014 for a water well rehabilitation project in Maruku, Kenya, a community of nearly 4,500 people. The community’s existing well had not been functioning since 2010, forcing schools and families to retrieve unsafe water 2 to 3 miles away.

Alamach, Kenya
Also in 2014, the GloFish brand worked with Well Aware to rebuild a water well in Alamach, Kenya, a community that had been previously forced to retrieve water from unsafe seasonal streams several miles away. Making clean and safe drinking water available transformed the formerly dry and fallow area, which had only a simple nursery school and 4,000 people, into a bustling village of 7,000 people. Now, with 2 acres of thriving crops and a primary school, the village is even generating an income from the crops, and village leaders have plans for a clinic, additional roads, more schools, more crops, and programs to empower young girls.

Mbitini, Kenya

Assistance from the GloFish brand helped Well Aware rehabilitate a broken water pipeline in Mbitini, Kenya, in 2015, to bring clean water to the community’s primary school and clinic. With this project up and running, more than 4,500 people have been able to access clean and safe water.

Kelelwa, Kenya

In 2015, GloFish brand helped Well Aware repair a water pump and replace faulty pipes and equipment in Kalelwa, Kenya, a community of about 2,000 people with four schools that serve about 600 students. The community’s original well, built in the 1940s, had failed in 2011, and the residents were relying on untreated surface water, causing disease and other problems.

Musalaani, Kenya
In November 2019, GloFish brand helped Well Aware implement a new clean-water well in Musalaani/Miumbuni, Kenya, a settlement made up of roughly 3,000 people, mainly older adults and children who attend the nearby Misuuni primary school. The community relied solely on dirty pond water collected at a nearby dam, which they drank untreated, leaving them prone to chronic illness.

Our passion for clean water is at the core of who we are – our brilliant GloFish® fluorescent fish were originally created to help identify toxins in water. We remain hopeful that meaningful, positive change for the enormous number of people in need of clean water will be achieved through the ongoing commitment of nonprofit organizations, corporate citizens, scientists and engaged individuals.

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